Libertarianism and Me

Why I am a Libertarian

I think I have no right to force anyone to do anything, or not to do anything, as long as their actions aren't hurting me or others. I think this even if I don't like what they're doing, or if they're not doing something I think everyone should do. And I expect the same consideration of others.

How I put my money where my mouth is

I'm a member of the Libertarian Party. I pay $35/year for my Libertarian Party membership. This entitles me to vote on matters affecting the direction and future of the Party.

I also run for public office whenever the Party requests. This entitles me to speak my mind in front of larger crowds. It costs me time doing government paperwork (sigh), time collecting signatures, government fees (sigh) if I don't collect enough of them, time preparing for and speaking at candidates' forums and such. I like the talking part :-) .